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    Specially designed for your needs!
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    Our first aim...
    is your Safety!
    We provide taxi services for traveling to any destination within or outside the Messinia prefecture.
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The most important aspect of our business is the accuracy appointments and consistency to customers.

Guiding services and transport

Specially designed for your needs. We can assist you 24 hours a day, just make the call!

Total Solutions

We provide integrated solutions for companies and their executives, tourist offices, organizations, public and private agencies, hotels for guests demanding.


We are pleased to welcome you to the area of ​​transport. From grandfather to grandfather driven improved services and better organization for transportation of passengers. Over the years we have managed to serve a large percentage of the traveling public.

  • Comfort - Consistency - Luxury - Discretion

    Our goal is to provide high quality services!

    We achieved our goal using only luxury cars brand Mercedes-Benz, ready to offer high levels of service. Modern cars which guarantee safety and comfort both an important design parameters of namesakes construction firm. Respecting the personal and professional lives of our customers, we adhere to the privacy and safeguard any information concerning them. We are available 365 days a year 24 hours 24. Rely on our company. Aiming at efficiency decides to offer you the best prices in the market.

  • Call us any Time!

    We have staffed our cars with highly qualified staff with many years of expertise and experience in the field, to respond promptly to wishes and requirements.

    Respecting the personal and professional lives of our customers, we adhere to the privacy and safeguard any information concerning them.


We provide taxi services to the traveling public for transportation 24 hours a day to any destination if we are requested within or outside the prefecture of Messinia.

Servicing passengers

Servicing passengers from the city web and from stations.

Transfer passengers

Transfer passengers to all parts of the county but also in regions and cities across Greece.

Transfer executives

Transfer the executives participating in conferences.

Transfer patients

Transfer patients and those with chronic diseases in hospitals.



We can suggest and organize your trip to all parts of our county, and Greece. Discover all corners of beautiful Messinia, swim in red, black and white beaches, enjoy local wines, wander in history of our area with visits to Methoni, Pylos and museums. Walk in the villages with their own "possible" stories.

Need a quick getaway?

Meet selected destinations and attractions of our country , revisit favorite places or simply spend a special day with friends in a new environment , full peace of mind and without the stress and expense of moving!



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Marathopolis, Messinia, PO BOX 24400
dim_lappas@yahoo.com +30 6947 208 454

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